Sanitary engineering

Water reservoirs represent important infrastructure facilities for supplying our population with drinking water. They are mostly made of concrete, as this material is excellently suited for absorbing and storing drinking water without affecting its taste or composition. However, experience shows that brown spots can appear on the clean mortar surface within a few years of operation. These can be caused by so-called ion currents.

Corrosion protection is also a crucial issue in relation to pumping stations or sewage treatment plants. A tailor-made corrosion protection concept and an active corrosion protection device ensure an increased service life and optimized maintenance costs for all structures.

Sanitary engineering – our services include:

Suicorr AG has extensive expertise in the repair of urban water structures using cathodic protection systems (CP systems) and in developing grounding and personal protection concepts. The company has many years of experience and can compare the conditions of various reservoirs. Since 1994, around 200 drinking water chambers across Switzerland have been equipped with a cathodic protection system. Suicorr AG’s portfolio also includes boundary units for standard applications as well as for systems with a cathodic protection system.

Cathodic protection systems for drinking water tanks are not subject to any standard. The sizing must be done specifically for each facility. In addition to combining technical know-how and versatile practical experience, Suicorr AG develops and implements cost-effective solutions for sustainable and reliable repair of urban water structures.

Sanitary engineering information sheet

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